How to choose lobby furniture?

Your company’s reception or lobby offers a variety of functions. Your lobby is the first impression visitors have of your company. Therefore, design and layout of your lobby furniture is very important.

Matching lobby furniture to lobby use

Your company will determine the type of lobby furniture you need. Some companies need space for employees to wait, while others need immediate waiting. Do your visitors need to log in or be directed by signage or automated systems? What is the average wait time? How many people are waiting? These questions will help you decide which type of reception furniture is right for your company. Let’s start by looking at some ideas for all types of companies. Then, let’s talk to the experts for professional advice for your reception area.

Medical office reception areas require very specific requirements. To ensure safety and health, they must be durable and able to withstand high standards of cleaning and disinfection.

Prioritize client comfort

Every day, new people come to the hotel or company. They may be tired after a long day at the office, a difficult trip or any other type of physical stress. Before they settle in, the lobby should be warm enough to relieve their tension. Some people need to be able to think clearly. A classic lobby chair or lobby sofa is a great choice for an impromptu break.

Design space for casual activities

There should be places in the lobby where you can do impromptu work. You can provide guests with a cup of coffee, a newspaper or a place to check email. Bar stools are light in weight and move quickly. Sofas are not recommended because they may be too low and cause pain for those who intend to use their laptops. Lobby chairs with upholstery can be used.

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