China Furniture Factory: Foshan Guoshen

Foshan Guoshen, a high-end Chinese furniture factory, produces the following products: lounge chairs modern sofas, public space sofas, casual contract furniture, etc. We can create chairs to meet the needs of our customers and provide timeless quality designs.

Custom Office Chairs

Foshan Guoshen can help you choose the right office chair. Commercial office furniture comes in a variety of options, each of which can be customized to meet your requirements.

Business managers need to pay close attention to ergonomics when customizing their office chairs. Each seat should have adjustable padding and be able to be adjusted so that everyone can use it.

An ergonomic office chair should have an adjustable backrest, arms and height.

Custom lounge chairs

You will need more space for a lounge chair to make it more comfortable than a regular chair. The space in your lounge will determine the size you can customize. To determine the best color to complement or contrast with the existing colors in your home, you must first consider the theme colors.

Customize sofas

Custom sofas are not only aesthetically pleasing in design, but can be customized to fit any space, family member or extended family member.

The size and length that best suits your space and needs will be determined. The arrangement of the cushions will be determined by the number of people who can sit. Cushion sizes are usually available in three to four options. However, depending on the brand, you can scale up or create a sectional. A deeper sofa will provide more comfort for taller people.

The design experts at Foshan Guoshen can provide you with custom furniture and other home furnishings. They will help you navigate through the process and provide expert advice and tips as you make your choices.


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