4 Amazing Commercial Furniture Materials

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When Commercial Furniture Companies design and build their commercial furniture, they can choose specific materials that meet their aesthetic and functional needs. First, check out some of the best materials for outdoor and business furniture, followed by a look at some more comprehensive options for wood, glass, metal, and upholstered commercial furniture.

Banquettes and booths for commercial use are commonly constructed from wood, laminate, and upholstery:

  • Made from solid wood, these booths are easy to clean, offer a traditional appearance, and look natural or rustic.
  • Thanks to their wood frame and trim, laminate booths are easy to clean. However, choosing a color that matches your business’s decor is most effective.
  • Wooden frames are used for upholstery booths as well. Still, they are covered in upholstered foam padding on the seat and back to provide a more comfortable seating experience by Commercial Furniture Manufacturers.

Fabric, leather, and vinyl upholstery are available for commercial booths and banquettes:

  • Commercial fabrics are custom-designed for heavy-duty use to prevent deterioration and are convenient, cost-effective options for booth upholstery. Commercial fabrics are available in various colors, patterns, and textures.
  • With its long life, ability to age well, and ease of cleaning, leather is the most expensive commercial booth upholstery option.
  • Vinyl does not only come in a wide variety of styles but can also mimic both the look of fabric and leather. Vinyl is both cost-effective and durable, and it is also low-maintenance.

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