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sofa furniture manufacturers, sofa factories, sofa manufacturing factory, best sofa factory, wholesale sofas suppliers Considerations for sofa manufacturers One, sofa suppliers should manufacture sofas that conform to ergonomic principles, and more closely with human body sitting. The combination of the Internet cafe sofa and the human physiological structure makes it comfortable and natural. The back of an Internet cafe sofa must be supported by an ergonomic lumbar cushion. This is so that people can sit comfortably and remain healthy. The second is to ensure that the sofa factory makes it to the correct height so it can provide the proper amount of support. The Internet cafe sofa is approximately 105 cm high, with a seat height of 45cm from the ground and a depth of 50cm. This height is an ergonomic design principle, so people of average height will be able to use it. Foshan Guoshen Furniture Co., Ltd. manufactures professional sofas. You can contact us for more information.

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