Dining Chair manufacturer:Guoshen Furniture

We have been dining chair manufacturing since 2009 and have worked with many wholesalers and supermarkets around the world.

Our focus has been on the development and manufacture of commercial and public furniture. The factory has over 80 employees and covers an area of 20,000 m2,With its own mold foam and hardware hardware workshop, it is one of the few commercial furniture manufacturers in China that has two workshops at the same time.Our restaurant furniture is modern in design and affordable thanks to our highly skilled staff and advanced production technology.

We have built long-term relationships over the years with our customers. We have also earned a solid reputation.

Our advantages as a dining chair manufacturer.

These dining chairs have been certified to meet international standards such as the SGS test report or British Fire Standard quality assurance.

Our factory has an ISO 9001:2008 quality system and R&D department.

We are doing well in these areas: market research, product development, quality control, after-sales service, and timely delivery.

Different types of modern dining chairs

High Back Dining Chairs

These options are elegant and can be used in formal dining rooms. These are made mostly of leather but can also be made from similar synthetic materials like vinyl.

Armless dining chairs

This dining chair is different from most other dining chairs because it has no arms and is usually smaller. It can be placed easily around the dining room table.


It is a piece dining room furniture that has armrests, as the name suggests. It can be difficult to slide under the table. These armchairs can be placed on top of the table, while the armless chairs can be placed on one side. Mixing and matching dining chairs has become a popular trend.

They can be used in many places. Armchairs are practical because they can be used in many places, including the dining room and the family room.

The style and decor of your dining room will determine the type of dining chair you choose. Our upholstered dining chairs are a great choice if your dining area is warm and inviting. They are very comfortable because they are soft to touch.

We have our own dining chair factory , so we offer very competitive prices. So hurry and get in touch with us to find out the price!

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