2020 CIFF International (Guangzhou) Furniture Exhibition

2020 is a very tough year, but we still hanging on and doing well.

Corvirus 19 has disrupted the rhythm of the world. Global industry have facing the shock wave and trying to pull their-self together.

Thanks to the support of all the old customers, our strong withstanding strength and proven experience, last but not least, the concerted efforts of employees, we have soon get back on track.

After the epidemic situation has been controlled, the annual International (Guangzhou) Furniture Exhibition is coming as scheduled.

We are comforted and happy to see plenty customers are coming and doing well.

This year as usual, Guoshen will keep doing our best–keep producing high quality and good design, what’s more, providing better solution as we used to do. We will be a better support to our customers as always.

We will be here and giving our best and please do not hesitate to let us know what we can do to help or if need any solution from us.

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